drink up, baby, look at the stars
you can call me christy, and you can probably call me other things too (I'm not picky except when I really, really am). I'm twenty-four, and here are some important descriptors: movie lover. tv addict. overly anxious. extremely optimistic. reader. writer. dreamer. roleplayer. dignified fangirl. gryffindor forever and always. fact: my ipod has too much on it and yet never enough.

some obsessions: the avengers. the amazing spider-man. harry potter. buffy the vampire slayer. battlestar galactica. the social network. paramore. elliott smith. awesomeness.

little visitors


Last Friday my boss challenged me. He says…design anything you want. Whoever sells the most wins…some sh*t…who knows.

And Zoddammit I designed whatever I wanted! 

This is awesome. 

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My RP character is dying. My iTunes took this opportunity to play ‘Still Alive’, then ‘Not Yet Dead’.


iTunes has a sick sense of humor.

Just thought I’d share that.

 iTunes can be so evil like that.  It’s creepy.

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